My Life~

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Riding through a UNIVERSITY across the UNIVERSE.
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Hypno Cat :3
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You cant stop there dude.. lol
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Is this really a book?
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The Best Celebrity Mugshots: Sometimes, our favorite celebs get nabbed for acting badly. But an arrest didn’t hurt #8 too much!
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Celeb make-up fails!: These celebs put on some really bad make-up! They look ghastly

Bad puns. XD
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Learn From These Awful Facebook Flirting Fails!: Facebook Flirts- You can’t blame them for trying! You can make fun of them, though.

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Hilarious Snape Memes: Snape’s transformed from the most quotable to most meme-able guy in Harry Potter. Check out the best 15!
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Oh noes u kill me :((
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WTF Design Fails: Check out Hilarious Design Fails! We think #7 is unbelievable!
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The Biggest Soccer Fails Of All-Time: Proving Tumblr truly is awesome, here are The Biggest Soccer Fails Of All-Time in GIF form!